Wilson University
Mission Statement
Wilson University empowers students to become world class leaders through spiritual formation and Christian higher education in an environment that embodies the Pentecostal ethos.
Core Values
As a Christian university we are committed to these core values:

1. To equip leaders in their chosen professions to contribute authentic help and hope to their world in contextually appropriate ways.

2. To remain overtly apostolic in faith and practice and Pentecostal in ethos.

3. To be responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

4. To provide a context for engaging intellectual, ethical, lifestyle, and cultural issues by discerning and formulating Christ-centered responses to these challenges.

5. To provide academic programs, delivery systems, and organizational and physical infrastructures that are exceptional in every way.

6. To conduct research in order to act as a change agent in
communicating the unmatched potential for human wholeness, which is found in the Christian message.

7. To serve as a leading center of excellence for Christian thought and action.
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Wilson University has a foundational philosophy that provides a contextual framework for the pursuit of its mission.

1. Humans, as citizens of an amenable universe, are uniquely bearers of potential which is greater than the sum of finite individuality. Herein is the source of human dignity, destiny, and responsibility.

2. Individual wholeness originates in the human spirit.

3. Full individuality is possible only through full participation in one’s world.

4. Individual human worth assumes a distinction that transcends mere survival, making creative and substantive contributions to the greater society a worthy and fulfilling pursuit. Society is more than a collective effort to survive. Herein is the meaning and nobility of work.

5. Human potential is to be developed. WU is an agent of exploration and development of this potential by facilitating individual efforts to bring this potential from abstract vision to concrete reality.

6. As a Christian university, WU attempts to lead the student to explore these challenges and possibilities in the anticipation, direction, and understanding of the Christian message.

7. WU is established on the premise that the public good is affected most enduringly by focusing on individual good. Public character of the community is the cumulative total of individual character, knowledge, and wisdom. Thus, WU is committed to, at the highest standard possible, optimum development of individual student character, learning, understanding, and application of these principles to everyday life.